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HI I'm new here!

I don't really have a cold anymore. I just have that phlegm going down the back of my throat that not even nose blowing will help.

It's about to drive me crazy. It's so thick at times that I cannot even swallow!

And Saturday night, I was in bed trying to sleep and I hocked up this really big wad of something. It was really gross so I got up and spit it out in the toilet. Normally I can't even hock it up but this time I was lucky.

At Cracker Barrel last night, we were getting ready to leave and I coughed up one. Sweet merciful crap! Travis saw the look on my face and told me to go to the bathroom while he paid. I almost didn't make it to the bathroom cause I felt like i was about to choke! So I went in the bathroom in the stall and made that loud "HACK" sound twice and spit up two wads. I am sure whoever was in there with me was horrified. But it had to come up one way or the other. LOL.

It's driving me crazy!!
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